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I started doing individual sessions with Melinda Kausek to heal from a long time back injury. After a year, I've seen enormous improvements in my pain level, body awareness and overall fitness. I've been able to get back into shape without causing more injury and I have the knowledge to work on my issues outside of the studio. Melinda is very technical and knowledgeable but also has a strong intuitive sense and, with a short back and forth, she very quickly finds a solution for my varying issues. She has a sweet and playful personality and is very patient when I'm braindead and having trouble remembering which side my head should lay on the cadillac.    


- Ashley N.

Melinda Kausek is a superb Pilates instructor.  She adds to her extensive knowledge of anatomy and Pilates an extremely pleasing and accommodative personality.  She is an essential prop to my well-being.  I am a senior and advocate Pilates for all similarly situated; it is great stuff!  


-Mitch G.

Melinda is the best instructor I ever had. I tried to do physical activities before and nothing ever worked for me because I always felt that the instructor was not actually caring about my physical pain and needs, or would make me feel uncomfortable about my weight or my pain. Melinda is an extremely experienced instructor, who made me change my mind, and I love Pilates since I've been having private classes with her. She really cares about your condition, how you should exercise without hurting yourself, she makes me feel comfortable during classes and really motivates me to keep it up with the class. It's amazing how she knows every single muscle in your body and knows exactly how you should move and work your core progressively, and exercise in a healthy way (without getting hurt). Sometimes I come to her classes with some pain on my hips/lower back and I leave the class pain-free. She's literally an angel that helps me every week by getting rid of my pain, working my core strength and my motivation. All with her great teaching. An excellent instructor. Thank you Melinda! 

- Lucia Austin​

...One instructor in particular has been a staple in my life since the beginning. I am beyond grateful for Melinda K! She is smart, funny, thoughtful, and will push you to get the most out of your hour with her. I started with her mat classes and now work with her 1:1.  She has saved my neck and my back by helping me "undo" my body's little habits it picked up over the years of compensating from injuries I unfortunately accrued as a nurse... 


- Andrea R.

My pilates trainer - Melinda Kausek - is awesome. I have been doing individual sessions for a little over a year and I know my body is happy that I have. Melinda has worked on specific back issues that I have experienced over the last year and always keeps me on track and focused during our sessions. My one wish - and it's a big one - is that I could go more then once a week.


- Linda B.

I've worked for almost a year with Melinda Kausek -- she's very knowledgeable, loves what she does, and incredibly attentive to individuals, both in group and private situations.  She's able to see the tiniest things one may be doing with one's muscles and suggest ways to correct them.  She's also patient, great at gauging where you are and what you need and working from there. 


-Irina L.

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