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Anatomy In Motion

Anatomy in Motion


The human body is built to walk. It is something we all learn to do with no real instructions. Yet, for better or worse, it is informed and altered by our parents, our environment, the shoes we wear, the activities we love, and too often, by the injuries we have endured.


What if a simple shift in how you walk could erase years of lower back and neck pain and bring you back into balance?


Anatomy in Motion™(AiM) is a gait (a.k.a. walking) protocol and analysis tool that is based on the answering the question: "Is it possible to break anatomy down to its rawest state and understand how muscles, bones, joints, nerves, and fascia are all set up perfectly to create not just an environment for motion, but also an environment for healing?" (Gary Ward, founder)


And the answer it gives is a resounding, "Yes!" 


How you walk is how you do everything, and experiencing the action at every joint from the ground up in this most fundamental of movement patterns illuminates how your separate parts work together as a whole. AiM™ seeks to uncover the spaces that your body and brain may have forgotten and, by reintroducing these spaces via fluid, whole body movements, your neural pathways have a chance to rewire themselves and come back into balance at an almost subconscious level. These new movement experiences quickly become the good habits your body needs to maintain its natural, pain-free balance. 

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